Other Writing

Nina Schuyler writes a free weekly newsletter that highlights a stunning sentence in a published work and shows you how to make it. Here’s the link to subscribe: ninaschuyler.substack.com

Nina Schuyler also writes a column for Fiction Advocate, looking closely at stunning sentences — what adds sparks to the page — in published work. Here’s a link to all her columns:


Marin Magazine, “Speak, AI, Speak,” by Nina Schuyler, September 2023, How a Non-Techie Learned to Write an A.I. Novel, https://marinmagazine.com/arts-events/books-talks/how-a-non-techie-learned-to-write-an-a-i-novel/

Her short stories have been published widely in literary journals. Here are some recent ones:

“The Clips,” Bending Genres, Issue 38

“Wolf Troubles,” Nashville Review, Issue 39, https://wp0.vanderbilt.edu/nashvillereview/archives/18241

“The Cathedral of Desire,” Your Impossible Voice, Fall, 2022, nominated for a Pushcart Prize

“Daffodil Princess,” Sand Hills Literary Magazine, Issue 46, Fall, 2022

“Popsicle,” NOMADartx, February 2021, www.nomadartx.com/journal/261

“The Floor Noise Management Center,” Gold Man Review, Issue 11

“Snow in its Flight,” Discretionary Love, www.discretionarylove.com/snow-in-its-fight-nina-schuyler/

“Golden Boy,” South 85 Journal, http://www.south85journal.com/issues/1-fall-winter-2019/golden-boy-by-nina-schuyler/

“Wrestling Heidegger,” Boomer Lit Mag, https://boomerlitmag.com/Nina-Schuyler/

“Missing,” 3Elements Review, Issue 19, www.3elementsreview.com/journal-issues/3elements-review-summer-journal-issue-19-2018.pdf