“AFTERWORD offers up every literary treat imaginable: a wildly inventive plot that keeps you turning pages, characters who steal your heart, big ideas that engage your mind, and gorgeous prose that delights your senses. I’m a big fan of Nina Schuyler and this is her best book yet!”

Ellen Sussman,

New York Times bestselling author

“This beautiful book is so many things, an intimate love story and a powerful study on grief, a gripping mystery that examines the limits and possibilities of technology, and within that a deeper mystery, the ultimate black box problem: what it is to love—and truly know—someone.”

Katie M. Flynn, The Companions

“Afterword is so propulsive and mysterious I found myself speeding up, but at the same time so patient and well-observed, I had to slow down. Take a sentence like this: ‘An old woman, with a hunched back and a white cardigan sweater buttoned all the way up, is standing in front of the rows of yogurt, muttering something about vanilla.’ You see what I mean? Nina Schuyler has an outstanding sense of story. You fall into this novel and you stay there.”

Peter Orner,
Still No Word From You: Notes in the Margin

“Nina Schuyler’s novel AFTERWORD is riveting—I could not put it down. Suspenseful, poetic and deeply moving, the novel explores humanity and artificial intelligence and what it means to love someone. I was immediately drawn to the lives of Haru and Virginia, their separate and shared histories. With a surgeon’s precision, Ms. Schuyler has written another exemplary story.”

Devi S. Laskar,
The Atlas of Reds and Blues and Circa

“There are so many textures and layers of mystery in this compelling and fierce novel—from identity to memory, from the authentic to the false. But the most crushing and heartening of these is the absolute mystery of human love. My heart was broken reading it, and my heart was put together again, in new ways.”

Lewis Buzbee,
The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop